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In our new online series, Now What?, Nigel Farage speaks to ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston. To be notified of new episodes, click this link to subscribe:

Mr Farage told us the "ludicrous" Brexit being negotiated by Theresa May will leave Britain worse off than if it was still in the EU. The former Ukip leader and key member of the Leave campaign also said that if Brexit wasn't sorted out he'd consider a return to politics.

Asked if the Conservative Party should get rid of May, Mr Farage said: "Absolutely, of course, she's a disaster. She's boxed herself into a position now where we will be, for the foreseeable future after March [29th 2019, Brexit day], actually in a worse position than we were before we voted to leave. It’s ludicrous.” Asked by Peston to clarify whether he thought this "half in, half out" position "is worse than being in the EU", Farage replied "of course".

Asked about the petition calling for the release of English Defence League co-founder Tommy Robinson from prison, which has received more than 600,000 signatures, Mr Farage said: "It tells us that people are getting quite scared. They're getting scared of what's happening in many of their communities, they're getting scared about division and their lives are being fundamentally changed by bad Government policystate sponsored multiculturalism."

Mr Robinson was jailed for 13 months in May for contempt of court after broadcasting a Facebook live video from Leeds Crown Court about a trial.

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