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Kids learning animal names and animal sounds with BabyTV's special animal series. Join BabyTV's lovable Finger Family from the popular show Who's it, What's it, guess which animal is hiding and sing along to fun animal songs.

This animal series will introduce a variety of animals: dog, lion, penguin, monkey, cat, bear, mouse, elephant, whale, horse, donkey, giraffe, pig, sheep, cow, dolphin, bee, butterfly, duck, rooster, parrot, kangaroo, frog, tortoise and many more.

Kids can enjoy guessing which parts or steps belong to which animal, while learning the names of the animals and the sound they make. Children can enjoy participating in fun animal games and watching playful animated animal videos.

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00:15 Horse
02:04 Dog
04:19 Elephant
05:29 Monkey
06:45 Duck
08:05 Lion
09:29 Cow
11:20 Bee
13:16 Sheep
14:42 Pig
16:27 Cat
17:29 Tortoise
18:26 Mouse
19:47 Penguin
20:51 Rooster
22:53 Parrot
24:45 Frog
26:01 Bear
27:34 Fish
29:06 Whale
30:01 Donkey
31:27 Dolphin
33:03 Butterfly
33:50 Giraffe
34:31 Kangaroo

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