10 Secrets You May Have Missed In The Fallout 76 Gameplay Demo - E3 2018

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Fallout 76 is here, with a gameplay demo at Bethesda’s E3 2018 showcase that is packed full of hidden details and secrets. We’ve located Vault 76 on the map, found the hidden monsters of West Virginia and uncovered new survival mechanics. Lots to keep you busy…

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As we pick over Todd Howard’s Fallout 76 gameplay we also find famous West Virginia landmarks, uncover what looks like a new job system and find evidence of hidden instruments in the game. Because who doesn’t want a banjo when the nukes drop?

If you’ve found any Fallout 76 secrets, please do let us know - we’re keen to pick over this footage. Bethesda are notorious for locking their games down until the day of release so you’ve got to enjoy what little you get, right?